Anniversary Approaches For One Of The County's Deadliest Fires
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 10:06
As the anniversary of one of the deadliest fires in Chattooga County approaches, some firemen are getting a little emotional as they remember 5-year-old Clair McKenzie Jones, a former Summerville pre-kindergarten student.
A mobile home fire killed Clair, her parents, her two sisters and her cousin that was of the same age. Summerville Fire Chief Robbie Lathem said he doesn’t want to repeat that tragic month again.
He remembers Clair alive and well, just four days before the deadly fire. His department took one of the fire trucks to the Pre-k school as part of Fire Prevention Month. Volunteer fireman Chuck Cox put on his full turnout gear to let the children see. 
Clair was one that was inquisitive enough to approach the fireman. He kneeled and she placed her small hand into the fireman’s rough textured glove and looked him in the eye. Another fireman spotted the tender moment and took a photograph.
But somewhere between that fire prevention demonstration and an improperly installed Ashley wood furnace, Jones now places her hands with God.
Trion Rec Project Hits A Speed Bump
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 10:04
Staff Writer
The Trion Town Council at a called meeting earlier this month tapped the brakes on the $1.1 million recreation department project.
The meeting exposed a rift between some council members and Mayor Larry Stansell on the scope, cost and timetable for the project.
The meeting was called after Councilwoman Becky McWhorter on Monday found out that the recreation department’s old concession stand was about to be torn down.
Council members McWhorter, Mickey McGraw and Casey Brown voted to stop all work on the project until next month when bids on the concession stand building are supposed to be available to the mayor and council. Mayor Larry Stansell was clearly upset by the vote. Don Harris and Linda Ingle voted to move forward with the project.
The new building is supposed to house a concession stand, press box and bathrooms. The facility is part of a $1.1 million overhaul of department facilities that includes the new building, heating and air upgrades for the recreation center, the splash pad, new fencing at ball fields and tennis courts and an outdoor exercise area for senior citizens. Council has voted to apply for a $1 million loan from the Georgia Municipal Association. The town has also received a $100,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. (The town was required to match $200,000 of that amount, money which will be taken from the loan.)
Councilman McGraw has been critical of borrowing the money.
Rose Jackson Turns 100
Thursday, 12 October 2017 15:02
“I’ve lived a good life and have no regrets,” Rose Jackson said as she summed up her life this week.
Rose Jackson was honored for turning 100 years old last week with a reception at the Summerville Methodist Church. She was also recognized at the Lyerly First Methodist Church on Oct. 8 with a covered dish dinner.
“I don’t feel like I am 100,” Mrs. Jackson said with a laugh. “I have been well taken care of.”
Asked what she attributed the reason that she has turned 100, Mrs. Jackson said, “I have always had a good life.”
Mrs. Jackson said they had just sold their home in Kansas about three months ago.
“We were all born in that house,” she added. “It will be hard when I go back, there is nobody back there except for a niece in Kansas City.
Meet The Principal: Jeff Martin (File Photos)
Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:16
(Editor’s Note: This is the final in a series of stories about the principals in the Chattooga and Trion School Systems. The stories began with the newest principals in both systems. This week, the story features Chattooga High School Principal Jeff Martin.)
Jeff Martin was raised in Alpine/Menlo and went to elementary and middle school there and then to Chattooga High School where he graduated in 1988.
He received his undergraduate degree from Shorter University in History and political Science and got his Masters in Educational Leadership at Jacksonville State University.





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