Lyerly Considers Town Council Pay Raises
Monday, 16 January 2017 12:36

Should Lyerly office holders be paid more?
That topic was discussed on Tuesday at the monthly town council meeting.
Councilwoman Ellen Wyatt suggested that as a way to attract more people to run for office in Lyerly would be to raise the pay of mayor and council.
“We don’t get paid lot,” she said.
The mayor is paid $50 and council members in Lyerly are paid $20 for each meeting they attend. That’s usually 1-2 meetings per month. 
While the meetings are usually brief – usually less than 30 minutes – council members are often asked to attend other meetings and work on community events. In particular, the mayor has to put in extra time at City Hall. 
The town does not provide any insurance or pension. 
Wyatt emphasized that she and her husband, Mayor Josh Wyatt, would not benefit from any pay increase as they both plan to step down from council this year. Any pay hike approved by the current council would not take effect until after the next council election.
“This isn’t for us, it’s for the next council,” she said.
Council and mayor discussed the possibility of doubling the current salary structure. That would mean $40 a meeting for council members and $100 a meeting for the mayor.
New Auditor finds $1.7 Million In Mistakes In City Records
Monday, 16 January 2017 12:34
A new auditor for the City of Summerville found several mistakes in the municipality's financial records.
The city hired CPA Chrysan Thomas, of Trion, to perform the city's annual, state-required audit. Monday evening she told the city council she noted more than $1.7 million in mistakes.
"In looking at your fund balance, we had to make some prior year adjustments where some stuff was left off or incorrectly reported," Auditor Thomas told the council.
"Incorrectly reported here at city hall. . .?" Councilman Joe Money asked.
The auditor found accounting mistakes dealing with customer's utility deposits, franchise fees, how sick leave is tracked and even how $378,468 in sales tax revenue that was not recorded properly.
Despite these bookkeeping errors, the audit said the city's finances last fiscal year improved. 
"The total net position went up $586,000," Auditor Thomas said.
City Adding Utility Payment Option On Their Website
Monday, 16 January 2017 12:31

The city of Summerville is working on its website. They've added a button on their main web page so utility customers can pay their bill online. The city's website is





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