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Saturday, 23 March 2013 22:22
Despite approval by city voters, Summerville restaurant owners show no interest in selling liquor by the drink.
Voters approved the liquor referendum Tuesday by a wide margin – 52 to 6. City restaurant owners, however, aren't so eager.
"I'm not planning on selling," Paula Buice, owner of Sweet P's Restaurant off Hwy. 48 said.
She wasn't the only one. Patti Grindstaff, who owns three Jefferson restaurants with one in downtown Summerville, will not serve liquor either.
"The three restaurants I own, none of them serve liquor," Grindstaff said. "It brings another element that we don't want to really deal with. We are going to stick just with the beer and wine. I think that works well with us."
Other places like The Crushed Tomato and Pizza Hut have no plans to sell either.
"Definitely no," Jim's Family Restaurant owner Bobby Goodnight said.
Even if any were interested, it would be at least mid-May before liquor and mixed drinks could be sold, according to City Manager Russell Thompson.
A few clerical issues remain.
The city's alcohol ordinance will have to be modified and that will take a vote by the city council. Thompson hopes the city attorney will have a draft of the changes ready by the next council meeting on April 8.
Officials also have to decide what to charge restaurants, if anything, for allowing liquor by the drink sales. 
But restaurant owners shouldn't expect a freebie. The current price for a beer and wine license is $600. 
"It's an awful big investment," Buice said.

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