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Vandals pour fuel inside Summerville cabin

Vandals poured camp fuel inside a Wildlife Lake Road cabin on March 31, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

Property owner Mark Lane said someone cut a chain on the gate to his property at 850 Wildlife Lake Road and entered without permission.

“. . .The chain on the gate on the driveway had been cut, a wheel barrel had been move on the property, 2 one-by-twelve boards had been removed from the cabin on the property and broken, three containers of camp fuel had been poured out inside the cabin and taken out into the yard,” Deputy David King reported. “Mr. Lane stated a camping tent, beer cans, and assorted trash along with items from the cabin were located beside the river bank on the property in front of the cabin. Mr. Lane stated there was a vehicle stuck in the mud an the property adjacent to this location with items from the cabin located around it. I observed a grey Kia Sorento on the other side of the fence beside the driveway and a wheel barrel on a path halfway between the fence and the driveway with tracks going in the direction of the vehicle.”

The incident has been turned over to an investigator.