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Was It Sleep Or Intoxicants That Caused Crash?

A Valley Head woman blames falling asleep resulted in her crash and the Georgia State Patrol indicates intoxicants may have also been involved, according to incident reports.

Brandi Nicole Hulgan, 29, said she fell asleep while driving her white 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix eastbound on Hwy. 48 around 11:17 a.m. on April 14. Georgia State Patrolman Lee Bowden, however, has charged her with DUI, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and failure to maintain a single lane, according to a report.

“[Hulgan] fell asleep, causing [her] vehicle to travel off the right side of the roadway. [Hulgan] traveled approximately 150 yards off the right shoulder of the roadway. [Hulgan] then snatched the steering wheel to the left. [Hulgan] then traveled back onto the roadway, crossing the centerline and westbound lane.

The car’s left two tires left the roadway and [Hulgan] again snatched the steering wheel to the right. [Hulgan] traveled back onto the roadway and [she] snatched the steering wheel a third time to the left, causing [her] to loose control. [She] then began to rotate counter clockwise while traveling off the left side of the roadway. [Hulgan] struck a tree with its right side area, causing the vehicle to roll over onto its right side, coming to an uncontrolled rest,” Trooper Bowden reported.

Photo By Tyler Bishop

Hulgan was transported to Floyd Hospital by ambulance.