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“Verb Mongers” Meet at Sweet P’s

The “Verb Mongers,” a group of published authors based in Marietta, held their monthly meeting at Sweet P’s at the Tavern, where they enjoyed a lunch and critiqued one another’s work in progress.

The group includes best-selling author and editor, Josh Langston, whose work spans the genres of fantasy in his latest Oh-Bits, Grumbles from the Grave; historical fiction in Treason, Treason! and The 12,000 Year Old Whisper; and non-fiction in Write Naked: The Secrets of Dynamic Prose Laid Bare.

Another member, Doris Reidy, has published four books including Mrs. Entwhistle, When You Get Over the Hill, You Pick up Speed; and Every Last Stitch.

The newest member to publish is Doctor of Archaeology, Betty Smith, who has written a romance, Abby’s Choice.

As a group, the Verb Mongers’ work has been published in three anthologies of short stories: Second Sights, Selfies, and I’ll Never Do That Again.

The group takes their inspiration from every new experience, so future work may include impressions from their visit to our county.  Indeed, one member has already written a short story with a title straight off a sign she saw on her trip: “Waffles and Wi-fi!”

All their work is available on Amazon and Kindle.