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Man Flees After Being Confronted About Theft Allegation

A Pennville resident lost $100 during a theft at her home Saturday morning.

Kara Mayes, of Memorial Drive, believes a man she knows stole $100 out of her wallet located in a kitchen cabinet. The wallet was in her purse.

While speaking to Ms. Mayes, I was advised that she was at a friend’s house earlier this date when she was asked to give a male subject a ride at which point she agreed. While speaking to the complainant, I was advised that while she was giving the subject a ride, she asked him where he needed to go and he advised her that he did not know. At this point, the complainant took him to her residence so he could call for a ride from there. While speaking further to the complainant I was advised that the subject kept acting strange and would randomly get up and go to the bathroom. The complainant advised that he remained at her residence for about 20 minutes before he left. The complainant then advised that after he left she then checked her wallet due to the fact she had a bad feeling due to the suspect’s unusual behavior and discovered $100.00 missing,” Deputy Corey Fielding reported.

Mayes then confronted the man and he fled toward Hwy. 27.