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Stabbing Incident Sends Two To The Hospital With Wounds

Three people were stabbed during an altercation on Red Hill Road in Lyerly during the early morning hours last Monday, according to Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader.

At least two of the people involved went to the hospital for staples and stitches, the sheriff said.
Justin Barren Bachelor, 32, of Summerville, called E911 around 12:33 a.m. reporting that he had been stabbed and was losing blood.
“I met with complainant Justin Bachelor and Tina Fowler. They advised that there was an altercation at a residence in Lyerly and that he had been stabbed. I did observe what appeared to be a stab wound in the rib area on Mr. Bachelor’s left side and a laceration near the top back of his head,” Deputy Thomas Sainthill reported.
Investigator Eddie Stroup said a fight broke out between Bachelor and 38-year-old Christopher Eugene Fowler, of Summerville.
During the altercation, Mr. Fowler allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Bachelor. During the struggle, Fowler also received several wounds from the knife.
“I think he had a place on his leg,” Inv. Stroup said. “I was not able to locate the knife that was used.”
A witness tried breaking up the fight and was also cut on the forearm. Bachelor and the witness both went to the hospital for treatment, the sheriff said.
The investigator said he is trying to figure out what caused the fight between Bachelor and Mr. Fowler.
“I really don’t know. They really just don’t like each other,” Inv. Stroup said.
A warrant was issued for Mr. Fowler’s arrest. Inv. Stroup is charging him with aggravated assault.