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Cops: Man Danced In The Highway 3 Times

A Summerville police officer encountered a man dancing in the northbound lane of Hwy, 114 around 10:42 p.m. on Monday.

Officer David Westbrooks stopped to see if the man was intoxicated.

“The male subject was not intoxicated but clearly had a mental disability,” Officer Westbrooks stated.

The officer told the man to stay out of the road and then the officer left.

The discussion about staying out of the roadway did not work. A “short time” later, Officer Ricky Van Pelt spotted the man dancing in the highway in front of First National Bank of Summerville.

The man, for a second time, was told to stay out of the roadway. But that did not happen.

A dispatcher for 911 alerted police that the man was dancing in the highway in front of Bryant and Sons Lumber Company.

“Officer Van Pelt made contact with the subject and that time gave him a ride to the McDonald’s parking lot where he stated he wanted to go and get something to eat. Approximately 15 minutes later the county sheriff’s department got a call to a possible intoxicated subject dancing in the parking lot. Officers Van Pelt and {I} responded as well and was able to find out the address where the subject was living. Officer Van Pelt gave the subject a ride back to his apartment at Saratoga Courts. [I] was able to learn that his mother . . .had recently been placed in a nursing home and that [the man] was staying by himself unsupervised. [I] will get someone to contact adult protective services next date in the morning to try and arrange better living accommodations,” Officer Westbrooks.