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Trion Men Jailed For Lies

Two men lied to a cop Sunday and now they are facing criminal charges, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Deputy Marvin Armstrong III spotted a white passenger car without a working driver’s side headlight. He stopped the vehicle on Penn Bridge Road and questioned the driver and passenger.

The driver identified himself as Gregory Wayne Brown, 51, of Trion. The passenger said he didn’t have an identification card, but his name was Josh Brown.

“. . . he advised that his name was Josh Brown and he couldn’t remember his date of birth,” the deputy reported.

While the passenger couldn’t remember his birthday, the driver told Deputy Armstrong the passenger’s name was “Joshua” who was born on Jan. 11, 1981.

The deputy checked computer records and it did not match.

“While asking the driver step out of the vehicle I noticed the passenger reach in his back pocket and take a wallet out and put it in the middle of the car. As I was looking inside the vehicle I looked at the wallet that the passenger said that he didn’t have and I found a Georgia ID card with a name of Guy Anthony Brown, 31. After searching the vehicle, I ran Mr. Guy Browns ID through 911 where they advised that he had an active warrant out of Rome,” Deputy Armstrong reported.

“At this time, I went to talk with Guy Brown where he advised that the wallet was not his and that he found it in the door of the car and it was his brother’s. The subject in the picture looked just like the male subject that I was talking to,” the deputy stated. “At this time, I placed Mr. Guy Brown under arrest for obstruction for giving a false name and date of birth. I also arrested the driver which is Mr. Guy Brown’s brother for obstruction for also lying to me about who the passenger of the vehicle was.”