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Man Allegedly Swallows Dope At Roadblock

An ambulance was called to a police roadblock after a man allegedly swallowed drugs while being questioned by a cop Friday afternoon, according to a Summerville Police report.

James Wayne Woods, 22, pulled up to a roadblock on Northwest Congress Street acting suspicious, according to Summerville Police Officer Jo Stricklin.

Woods allegedly was shaky, “looked very nervous” and would not make eye contact with the officer.

“It looked as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest,” Officer Stricklin said.

Woods claimed he was nervous because he didn’t have a driver’s license and was on probation. Officers got Woods out of the vehicle and started questioning him.

“I noticed as he was emptying his pockets, Mr. Woods was being very leery of emptying his right front pocket and was being very selective of an object. Mr. Woods had no problem emptying his other pockets so I thought it to be very strange,” Officer Stricklin said.

Suddenly Woods pulled his hand out and went straight to his mouth with some object wrapped in a clear plastic type bag.

“After a brief struggle, Mr. Woods was placed in handcuffs. While trying to ascertain what Mr. Woods had swallowed, he admitted that it was a single Hydrocodone pill,” Officer Stricklin stated.

An ambulance was called to check on Woods and they said he was cleared to go to jail. He was charged with disorderly conduct, violation of the open container law, driving with suspended or revoked driver’s license, a windshield malfunction infraction and violation of the seatbelt law.