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Man Living In Storage Unit Is Arrested On Drug Charges

A man living in a Summerville storage unit was arrested Saturday morning for meth possession, according to Summerville Police reports.

Officers learned that 42-year-old Timothy “Timmy” L. Elrod was renting a storage unit for $70 a month and then living in it.

“I advised Timmy that he could not live in the storage building. . .Timmy consented to a search of his storage unit and it did contain a bed that was obviously being used to sleep in. A black garbage bag was observed by the bed for his daily trash and a gallon jug was being used for his urine,” Summerville Police Officer Phillip Cox reported.

The officer noticed Elrod was acting nervous. After a brief conversation, Elrod confessed to having methamphetamine.

“Man, I got dope in my pocket. Let’s go to jail,” Elrod told the officer.

The officer found a meth pipe in Elrod’s left front pant’s pocket and a bag of meth in the right front pant’s watch pocket.

Elrod was arrested for possession of meth and possession of drug-related objects, according to a police report.