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Woman Confronts Man About Stealing Graveyard Item

Kaylee Payton said someone stole a windchime she placed on a grave at the AMI Cemetery near Menlo, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Ms. Payton stated she had discovered the windchime was missing from this location and made a post on Facebook about it being taken. Ms. Payton stated she had a picture sent to her through Facebook of a windchime,” Deputy David King reported. 

The picture showed it at a local resident’s home on McGinnis Circle in Summerville. Payton and Deputy King went to McGinnis Circle and confronted the man.

” {The man} did have a windchime matching the missing windchime minus a metal star. {The man} stated he was at the cemetery on May 13 to visit his mother’s grave. {The man} denied taking the wind chime but made several attempts to compensate or replace it,” Deputy King reported.

No one has been arrested in this incident.