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Crowd Shows At Trion For Free TB Test

Although state officials aren’t releasing the number of people exposed to a student with active tuberculosis (TB) at Trion City Schools, local officials confirm many were tested today.

A Trion High School student tested positive for TB last week and school officials immediately started sending letters to parents. Free TB screening tests were administered at the high school.

Trion Superintendent of Schools Dr. Phil Williams said he did not know the exact number of students tested. Although not an exact number, Supt. Williams said many parents took advantage of the free screening.

The Georgia Department of Public Health Northwest Health District would not comment on how many tests were administered or how many tests they brought.

“Cooperation with Trion High School and other local officials has been great. Our investigation is ongoing, and we cannot comment further right now,” public health spokesman, Logan Boss said on Wednesday.

Students, staff and teachers are encouraged to take a free TB skin-test test to determine if they might have been infected. If results are positive, additional medical evaluation will be recommended.

Friday the school and local health department will have a free screening of the test taken today. Health officials will be at the high school 8:30 a.m.- 7 p.m.

Parents or guardians may also take their child to their own healthcare provider or to the Chattooga County Health Department, 60 Farrar Drive, in Summerville, for skin-test screening.  Parents or guardians going to the health department should call for times and dates the screening can be administered and then bring with them a copy of their notification letter from Trion High School for the free screening.

Parents or guardians taking their child to their own healthcare provider should have their provider complete the medical questionnaire they received with their notification letter from the school and fax 706-857-6941 or deliver it to the health department.

All screening information will remain confidential, and to protect patient privacy and confidentiality, no specific information about the case will be released.

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