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Man Injured From Falling Out Of Moving Vehicle

A Summerville man was injured after falling out of his mother’s moving car Saturday afternoon, according to police reports.

The incident started in the 600 block of Northwest Congress Street while 21-year-old Christopher Moore, of Summerville, was walking.

Someone from a nearby residence yelled for Moore to “pull his shorts up,” Summerville Police Officer David Westbrooks reported.

Moore “exchanged” words with the man who told him to pull up his shorts. Moore left without any physical confrontation.
Once Moore walked home, he told his mother about the incident and they decided to drive back by where the man had yelled.

“Moore rolled his window down and was hanging half in and out of the vehicle yelling at the other subjects. [His mother] then turned onto North Street from Northwest Congress Street and as she did, [Moore] became unbalanced and was launched from the vehicle into the roadway,” Officer David Westbrooks reported. “According to all subjects involved, [Moore] was knocked unconscious from his fall and it took several minutes to come back around.”

The people at the residence offered ice and to call 911. Moore and his mother returned to their home and called 911. Paramedics treated Moore and he refused a ride to the hospital.

Moore had road rash and cut on the top of his head, according to an incident report. He also complained of right shoulder pain.