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Two Cited After Truck Strikes Dog

A dog struck by a tractor-trailer on Hwy. 48 resulted in two women being cited for disorderly conduct, according to Summerville Police reports.

A local man tried stopping the female bulldog from walking into Hwy. 48 without success on June 6, according to reports.

“[The local man] was trying to lure the dog to him when the dog turned and went into the roadway getting struck by a tractor-trailer,” Officer Steve Bates stated.

A witness to the accident, Rachel A. Ashworth, 55, of Hwy. 48, became enraged. She started yelling and confronted the local man. Police had to separate Ashworth who was blaming the local man for the dog being hit.

“[I] told Ms. Ashworth to knock it off and even had to step in between her and [the local man]. [I] again repeated to knock it off to Ms. Ashworth who ignored [me] and turned away. [I] attempted to calm Ms. Ashworth, got her by the arm and turned her around and said, ‘Do you understand me?’ It was at this point Chyanne Laney told [me] to let go of her mother that I had no reason to put my hands on her mother,” Officer Bates stated. “Both women were upset with [the man] and accused him of being the reason the dog was hit. [I[ had observed the female pit bull dog about 15 minutes earlier walking in the middle of town. When [I] circled the block to locate the dog, it was gone.”

Ashworth and Laney were cited for disorderly conduct, according to reports.