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Deputy Has Encounter With Drug Needles

A Chattooga County deputy had a close encounter with drug needles in a man’s pocket Saturday night, according to reports.

Deputy Marvin Armstrong III stopped a white Chevrolet Silverado on Highland Avenue because the driver did not have on a seatbelt. Upon approaching the truck, the deputy smelled alcohol.

The driver was 24-year-old Brooke England, of Summerville, and the passenger was 27-year-old Zachary Hamby, of Trion.

“I asked Mr. Hamby if there was anything that was going to stick, cut, or poke me where he advised me no. While conducting the pat search I felt what seed to be a needle in Mr. Hamby’s left pocket I then asked him again is there anything that could stick, pole, or cut me where again he advised no. At this time, I pulled a needle out of his pocket. As I continued to finish the past search I located four more needle’s in his lower left pocket of his shorts,” Deputy Armstrong reported.

Hamby was arrested for obstruction of an officer and possession or use of drug-related objects. England was arrested for DUI and violation of Georgia’s open container law.