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Woman’s Car Is Attacked With A Concrete Block

Two local residents were attacked in their vehicle on Sixth Avenue in Summerville around 2 a.m. today.

Virginia Howard and Travell Bankston were sitting in a silver 2011 Nissan Altima when they heard a loud noise, according to police reports.

“They heard a loud noise as if a firework had gone off near the back of the vehicle,” according to a Summerville Police report. “Ms. Howard stated they had no clue what made the noise but she did see a tall slender black male subject running from the scene.”

The two women checked on the vehicle and found the back windshield was shattered and there was a dent in the roof.

Officers searched the area for what caused the dent and found a 5″ x 5″ piece of a cinder block with “visible glass” embedded in it.

Cops asked the women if anyone in the area was upset with them. They could not think of anyone who would have damaged their vehicle, according to police reports.