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Summerville Police Activity Reports From Thursday

* Someone stole Christina Crownover’s diabetes medication. She lives at the Woodland Valley Apartment, on Woodland Avenue. The medication, Lantus, was valued at $500.

* Brittany Bolton, of Montgomery Street, said someone severely damaged her outbuilding door last Thursday. It looked as if it had been beaten.

“Ms. Bolton advised that the door had not been like that and earlier she had noticed some younger men walking around the area. I advised Ms. Bolton to keep an eye on the residence and speak to the landlord about possible cameras,” Summerville Policeman Jo Stricklin reported.

* Richard Neumeister, of Menlo, said he received a call from a person claiming to be a technician from Microsoft and they wanted to fix issues with his computer.

“[I] advised him to get his banking institution to make sure his account was safe and to change all of his passwords on his computer,” Summerville Policeman Steve Bates reported.