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Woman Finds 12 Lines Added To Her Verizon Account

While a Summerville woman was out of town recently, someone hacked into her Verizon cellphone account and added 12 new lines of service and purchased 12 devices, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Debra Pierce discovered the fraudulent purchases Monday when she looked at her Verizon bill and noticed it was significantly higher.

“Miss Pierce advised that she contacted the Verizon in reference to the bill amount. She stated that Verizon told her that 12 lines and devices had been added to her account recently. She advised Verizon that she did not authorize the added lines. She was referred to the fraud department and was advised to get a police report and they would fix the problem with her account. I advised Miss Pierce that a report would be filed and the case would be turned over to investigations,” Deputy Nicole Sprague reported.