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Man Spits Pain Pills Into Officer’s Hand

A Summerville man spits three pain pills into an officer’s hands after being stopped for speeding Tuesday morning, according to police reports.

Officer Matt Pritchard’s radar gun showed 47-year-old Victor H. Clark was speeding on Hwy. 27. Upon stopping the speeder, the officer discovered Clark had an arrest warrant.

The officer allowed Clark to park his red 2002 Toyota SUV before going to jail.

“As he got into the vehicle, I could see him toss something into his mouth. I asked him what he put into his mouth. He stated, a ‘pain pill.’ I instructed him to spit it out at which time he spit three Tramadol pills into Officer Cox’s hand,” Officer Pritchard said. “He then stated, I take them all day. I got a spine injury.”

He was taken to jail and Clark confessed, “I’ll beat this before court.”

Clark said his mother drove the SUV too.

“I then asked him, ‘Why do you take her pills?’ He stated, ‘I don’t have insurance yet. I haven’t been there that long. She just got those pills filled the other day,'” Officer Pritchard stated.

Clark was arrested for speeding, possession of a scheduled IV drug and a seatbelt violation, according to jail reports.