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Homeless Woman Accused Of Bringing Drugs Into Jail

A homeless woman was arrested for bringing drugs into the Chattooga County Jail recently, according to reports.

Deputy Nick Robinson was dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 373 North Ridge Estate in Trion around 11:20 a.m. on June 27.

He found Betty Jo Barfield, 34, at the house. She wasn’t supposed to be there, according to reports.

While talking with Barfield, deputies learned that Floyd County had an active warrant for her arrest.

“I advised Ms. Barfield of the warrant and asked her to step out of the vehicle, in which she was trying to fasten a child safety seat in the backseat. Ms. Barfield began crying and would not step out of the vehicle and I advised Ms. Barfield approximately two more times to step out of the vehicle. Then I had to remove Ms. Barfield from the back seat area where she was immediately placed in handcuffs,” Deputy Robinson stated.

While at the jail, Detention Officer Vada Jackson found a piece of folded up aluminum foil in Barfield’s purse.

“The folded aluminum foil was black on one side from what appeared to be burn marks, and on the opposite side was a brown in color crystalline substance that was believed to be methamphetamine. I asked Ms. Barfield two separate times what was in the foil and all she would advise was that ‘she did not know it was in there,'” the deputy reported.

Barfield was arrested for possession of meth and crossing a guard line with drugs, according to jail reports.