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18-minutes After Leaving Jail, Man Threatens His Mom

It only took 18 minutes after leaving the Chattooga County jail for a local man to find trouble again, according to Summerville Police reports.

Shannon Shadrick, 39, of 25 Bankston Street, Summerville, was arrested for fighting on the Coach Inn parking lot Saturday afternoon. He fought with Kristen Hinohisia, of Summerville, and she too was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Approximately 18 minutes after getting out of jail, Shadrick called his mother, Marsha Smith, and threatened her and a half-brother, Patrick Smith.

“. . . Shadrick had contacted them via cell phone at approximately 11:03 p.m. and stated that he was going to kill Patrick for calling the cops on him,” Summerville Policeman Gary Pruitt reported.

He also told his family that he would damage Patrick’s Mustang and slash his mother’s tires on her vehicle, according to an incident report. The officer took out a terroristic threat and acts warrant on Shadrick.