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Man Told Not To Cut Grass Goes To Jail

Michael Nagel was jailed Monday after trying to mow a woman’s grass. L. Roberts, of Martin Street, said Nagel showed up to her house Monday and wanted to mow her yard. She refused to let him cut the grass because she already had contract with a lawn service.

While Roberts was at work, the man showed back up and started cutting grass. When she arrived home, she ran him off and told him not to cut the grass.

She called the cops and told them about the encounter. Later that evening Nagel shows up to Roberts house again and Officer David Westbrooks was in the area.

“[I] made contact with the male subject in the white Kia and saw that he was about to pull back into the [Roberts’] residence again,” Officer Westbrooks stated. “[Nagel] stated that he was going to the residence to ask for payment on what grass he had cut earlier in the day. [I] told Nagel that he was not wanted at the reisdnece and that he needed to stay away from the residence at risk of being charged with criminal trespassing.”

The officer ran Nagel’s social security number and birth date through the cop’s database. Nagel had an active warrant for his arrest that was issued by Bartow County.

He was then jailed until Bartow County arrived to detain him.