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Drive-Off: Trion Mechanic Goes Unpaid

A customer drove off without paying a mechanic for repairs on a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta on Wednesday, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

Micah Maddux, of Maddu Garage on Old Hwy. 27, Trion, replaced a water pump on the Jetta. Maddux did not know the owner’s full name. He only knew the man went by the name of “Joseph.”

Mr. Maddux stated that when he finished working on Joseph’s car he parked it out front with the key in it. Mr. Maddux stated that when Joseph arrived he got into his vehicle and drove off. Mr. Maddux stated he attempted to contact Joseph, but has not been able to talk to him. Mr. Maddux stated he did not know Joseph’s last name, or where he lived,” Deputy William Blackmon reported.

The water pump cost the garage $175.