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Disturbance: Resident Sees Man Holding A Snake

“The man with the big snake was outside,” and one Kelly Street resident did not want to go back outside, according to a Summerville Police report.

Officers were first called to Junior Kilgore’s residence just before midnight on Wednesday due to a prowler.

“I searched the property while officer [Steve] Bates spoke to Mr. Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore advised that ‘they’ had been in his backyard and he wanted them gone. Mr. Kilgore also requested that the street light in front of his residence be fixed,” Officer Jo Stricklin reported.

About an hour later, cops were called back to Kilgore’s house.

“Upon arrival, Mr. Kilgore stated that the man with the big snake was outside and he did not wish to come out,” Officer Stricklin reported.