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Confrontation Ends Without An Arrest On Woodland Avenue

A domestic disturbance was reported on Woodland Avenue Wednesday morning after a guest started trouble, according to Summerville Police reports.

Robert W. Patterson III, of 189 Woodland Avenue, Summerville, called police around 7:15 a.m. after a man came to his house uninvited and was “causing a disturbance with his wife.” Patterson, who greeted the man outside with a handgun, told the man to leave.

The man then replied, “You won’t forget about me,” Summerville Policeman Lt. Tim Fulmer reported. Patterson told the stranger that he was going to be in the newspaper Thursday if he didn’t leave.

“Yeah, and you will be in the morgue,” the man replied to Patterson.

Officer Fulmer pulled up to the home while Patterson and the man were talking. By the time Fulmer arrived, the man was standing in the roadway in front of Patterson’s house. The officer warned the man if he didn’t leave, he would be prosecuted for criminal trespassing. The man left the area, according to Lt. Fulmer.