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Man Won’t Stay Away From Pay-N-Tote

A Summerville man was arrested after he refused to stay out of a local convenience store, according to city police reports.

Michael Gamble, 33, of Northwest Congress Street, was cited for disorderly conduct Friday evening after he failed to stay away from Pay-N-Tote gas station, 106 Ga. 114, in Summerville.

Cops warned Gamble several times to keep away.

“I stopped and spoke to Mr. Gamble and advised him that he could not be at the store and he knew it. Mr. Gamble denied having been told he could not be at the location. I then reminded Mr. Gamble that on a previous date while trying to purchase marijuana from various customers at that location, the store employees banned him from the store,” Summerville Policeman Jo Stricklin stated.

Even after being warned Friday by Stricklin and later Officer David Westbrooks, they arrested him for disorderly conduct, according to a police report.