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Man Assaulted With A Knife On Friday

A local man was assaulted with a knife Friday afternoon at 1022 Martin Street in Summerville, according to an incident report.

Ray Caldwell Jr., of 1022 Martin Street, Summerville, said his wife attacked him with a knife around 1:35 p.m.


The wife, 26-year-old Tonya Caldwell, of 97 Roberts Street, became distraught during an argument.

“[Ray] advised that Tonya ran out of the residence and then returned with a knife, during which time she began chasing Ray Jr., with the knife. When I arrived at the scene, both parties were still involved in a scuffle on the bed,” Summerville Policeman Lt. Tim Fulmer stated. “[Tonya] was screaming and shouting as the victim was holding her down after he had disarmed her.”

Officers said Ray Jr., had a cut on his finger and several “large scratches and abrasions” on his neck and chest, according to reports.

Tonya was arrested for battery under the Family Violence Act and aggravated assault under the Family Violence Act, according to jail records.