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Note From The Tax Commissioner . . .

Press Release From Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton:

I am excited to announce that the 2018 Property Tax Digest is complete.  This process is a long and tedious one that usually isn’t finished until late September or early October each year.  What this means for our taxpayers is that the tax bills will be arriving in the mail earlier this year, and those that wish to pay their bills in installments can begin doing so today in my office, almost two months earlier than last year.  I will be sending the files to the printing company today, and bills should start arriving in the mail in the next couple of weeks.  Tax bills are due December 1st, 2018.

I am very grateful to the assessor’s office and all the employees in my office for their hard work in helping me to complete the process early this year.  I am elated that so many citizens who had asked to pay earlier will have the chance to do so.


I also want to thank the great citizens of Chattooga County for allowing me to serve as Tax Commissioner.  I am honored to work for you all.