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Local Had Meth In Front Of Sheriff’s Office

Deputies did not have far to go when they arrested 33-year-old Misty Michelle Bryant on Wednesday night, according to a Chattooga County Sheriff’s report.

The Summerville resident was sitting across the street in front of the sheriff’s department when deputies spotted her.

I recognized the offender as someone we had active warrants on. At this time, we approached the offender who was standing behind her vehicle with the back hatch opened. As we approached, she sat down in the back of the vehicle with her hands behind her back. I noticed she was fidgeting with something behind her back and appeared she was trying to conceal something in the back pocket of her jeans,” Deputy Nicole Sprague stated.

They asked Bryant what she was hiding. Immediately she confessed that it was an item in her pocket. They pulled out a clear plastic bag with suspected meth.

Bryant was arrested for possession of meth, according to a report.