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Summerville Council Agenda Released For Monday

The Summerville City Council will meet 5 p.m. Monday at city hall. The following topics will be discussed:

Unfinished Business

Consider approving the total bid of $550,198.41 for the Streetscape project from Excellere, LLC: The base bid of $482,000 plus alternative 1 bid of $68,198.41:

 Consider approving the generator low bid from Parker System for option 1 or 2:

(1) Purchase of a generator in the amount of $182,600 including installation or

(2) A rental fee of $1,000 a month or $1,600 monthly for usage during a hurricane event plus installation for $56,750 for the Water Treatment Plant:

New Business

  1. Approve Minutes from previous meeting:
  2. Consider transferring $85,000 from the Restricted Fund account to the Operating account for the city’s portion of the Streetscape project:
  3. Consider approving proposal from S&ME, Inc. for inspection pending Streetscape bid approval in the amount of $10,800, to be paid from $85,000 transferred from restricted fund:
  4. Consider approving the purchase of a new All ST-Steel 50 HP Aerator Float & Propeller for Wastewater Treatment Plant in the amount of $15,875:
  5. Consider approving $6791.88 to repair and rebuild a 50 HP Baldor pump at the Wastewater treatment plant:
  6. Consider approving the purchase of a Scarifier(concrete milling machine for sidewalk repair)not to exceed $5,200
  7. Executive Session-Personnel/City Manager