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Beware: Several Businesses Affected By Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit money is circulating around Chattooga County, according to Summerville Police Detective Ty Hutchins.
Cops were alerted to the bogus bills by the Summerville Regions Bank branch on East Washington Street on Monday.
The bank received at least four counterfeit bills in their night deposit box from different merchants in Summerville.
The local Hibbett Sporting Goods, Family Dollar and Advanced Auto Parts stores all had fake $100 bills in the night deposit bags. The Circle K convenience store on Hwy. 114 had a bogus $20 bill.
“That is the first time I had a bank to call and had that many counterfeit bills,” Det. Hutchins said. “The $100 bills are the older style bills without the special watermarks and strip. Beware of those.”
Retailers and other businesses need to watch the money they are receiving. Counterfeit money is circulating around the community, the detective said.