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Fight At The ‘Sugar Shack’ Injures One

A Chattooga County man was struck in the head with a 2×4 piece of lumber Saturday and sent to the hospital after a fight near Holland, according to a sheriff’s report.

Marcus Strawn called for help after a man bleeding from the top of his head drove up on a tractor. The man was screaming that he was attacked with a 2×4, Deputy Wendell Flood reported. The injured man was identified as Steve Salmon.

Mr. Salmon had blood running from the top of his head down both sides. Mr. Salmon had a small bloody rag holding his head. I asked Mr. Salmon what had happened. It was very hard to understand Mr. Salmon at first. All I could make sense is a man by the name of ‘Aaron’ had hit him in the head with a 2×4,” Deputy Flood said.

Salmon’s version of what caused the fight includes him being attacked because he was holding a screwdriver.

Mr. Salmon advised that the two were arguing and ‘He may have hit me because I had a screwdriver in my hand. I use a screwdriver to crank the tractor and I had it in my hand.’ I asked Mr. Salmon where did this happen at. All Mr.Salmon could say was ‘the sugar shack,'” according to the deputy.

Salmon said the man he knows only as “Aaron” was driving a white Dodge truck.

Strawn verified that Salmon was already bleeding from the head when he arrived. He did not see the initial fight that occurred at the ‘sugar shack,’ a little shop or cabin owned by Strawn’s brother on Holland-Chattoogaville Road.

Cops drove to the ‘sugar shack’ and found evidence that supported Salmon’s story. While they were collecting evidence, a white Dodge truck drove by and watched. Cops stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Aaron Croy.

Mr. Croy advised that the two had gotten into a heated argument. At some point during the argument, Mr. Salmon started swinging a screwdriver at Mr. Croy. Mr. Croy advised that one of the strikes had hit him on the top of the hand, cutting it. At the time his hand got cut, Mr. Croy advised that he tripped over a board laying on the ground. Mr. Croy advised that Mr. Salmon was still coming at him with the screwdriver. When Mr. Salmon got close, Mr. Croy hit him with the board that he had tripped over ‘Defending myself.’ Mr. Croy then went and got into his truck and left,” Deputy Flood stated.

Strawn’s brother, Holland, was at the ‘sugar shack’ when the fight started. He blames Salmon for starting the fight.

Holland stated that Steve always carries a screwdriver and he has seen him pull it on other people before this incident. Holland advised that it was just self-defense on Aaron’s part and [that] is the only reason Steve got hit with the board,” according to an incident report. 

No charges have been made in this case.