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Teen denies possessing drugs and gun while driving aggressively

A Calhoun man’s repeated denial of being involved with several illegal acts did not keep him out of jail Sunday night, according to Summerville Police reports.

The first denial centered around 19-year-old Charles D. Johnson’s driving. Officers were dispatched to Hwy. 27 at the city limits just before midnight. Other motorists said a white Chevrolet Camero was driving aggressively and “exhibiting signs of road rage.”

Summerville Policeman Jo Stricklin stopped the vehicle in town and started questioning Johnson.

“Mr. Johnson stated that they had been driving normally and he couldn’t drive fast because he had bald tires on his car,” Officer Stricklin said.

That was the first denial.

Then the officer noticed that Johnson and his passenger, Orlandus Curtis, were acting nervous.

“I asked Mr. Johnson if he had ever been in trouble and if there was anything illegal in the car. Mr. Johnson stated that he had been in some trouble in school but a series of life events made him change his ways,” Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

Cops began searching Johnson’s Camero and immediately found a glass pipe with a white residue. They found the pipe in a glove compartment.

“When asked about the pipe, Mr. Johnson advised that he had let his friend use the car and did not know where it came from,” Officer Stricklin said.

That was another denial.

As the officers continued their search, they found marijuana on the top of the center console of the car. Despite being within reach, another denial came.

“When asked about the suspected marijuana, Mr. Johnson also stated that it was not his,” according to police reports.

After finding drugs inside the car, officers then checked Johnson’s pockets.

“Upon search of Mr. Johnson’s person, I found a small corner baggie of suspected methamphetamine in his back left pocket. Mr. Johnson again stated that it was not his and he did not know where it came from,” according to reports.

Cops also found a Smith and Wesson 9mm concealed between the driver seat and center console. It was loaded with a round in the chamber.

“Again when asked, Mr. Johnson knew nothing,” according to reports.

Curtis was arrested on an active warrant through Gordon County.

Johnson was arrested for possession of meth, possession or use of drug-related objects, possession of an imitation controlled substance and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, according to jail records.