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Consider a Donation to Southwest Georgia Food Banks to Assist those Impacted by Hurricane Michael

As many of you know from watching news reports and social media over the last few weeks, Hurricane Michael had a devastating impact on the Florida panhandle and southwest Georgia. It will take months – and even years – for many communities to be able to recover from this storm.
As Georgia’s county association, ACCG has been monitoring the federal and state response to Hurricane Michael in Georgia and providing guidance to counties in the impacted area as requested. We also have several staff members with extended family in south Georgia who have shared information with us regarding some of the challenges faced by our fellow Georgians.
One of the needs that has come to our attention is that the food banks in southwest Georgia have had an influx in demand for assistance. They are struggling to meet the demand in the wake of the storm. ACCG has had a longstanding relationship with the Second Harvest Food Bank and confirmed this information yesterday. The Second Harvest Food Bank welcomes any donations and also suggested that we consider supporting the Feeding the Valley Food Bank as this organization has stepped in to assist as well. These regional food banks serve as hubs for receiving and distributing donations and food and grocery products.
If you have been considering a way that you can help families in southwest Georgia, we encourage you to consider this option. We are not asking counties to make a direct donation. Instead, we are asking you to share this information with your county employees and others within your community who may be interested in helping as individuals.
Both of these organizations have websites that explain how even a small donation can have a huge impact. You can find links to their donation pages below:
To donate to the Second Harvest Food Bank, click here.
To donate to the Feeding the Valley Food Bank, click here.