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Fuel Thief Strikes Same Station 3 Times

A LaFayette man is being accused of stealing gasoline from the same gas station on three occasions during the last month, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports.

The most recent theft happened last Thursday at Murphy’s Gas Station in Trion. Employees said a green Jeep Cherokee pulled up to the pumps each time and asked clerks to turn on the pumps.

“I don’t know how much it will hold. Can you just turn the pump on for me?” a younger white male with a dark full beard asked each time.

After pumping the gas, the male would jump into his Jeep and leave without pay, according to Deputy Wendell Flood. The gas station lost a total of $139 in fuel.

While the fuel bandit got away with the heist twice, the clerk was able to get a clear recording on the surveillance camera the third time.

The video shows him pump the fuel, jump in the green Jeep and then leave the property never walking back to the counter to pay for his fuel,” Deputy Flood reported.

The deputy was able to identify the driver after showing the video to different people. The suspect also had a unique tattoo that was visible.

“Based on all the evidence, I will swear warrants for this person,” the deputy said.