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Tail Light Violation Results In Drug Arrest

An early morning traffic stop resulted in a drug arrest on Oct. 24, according to Summerville Policeman Matt Wilson stated.
The officer spotted a silver 2013 Kia Forte without a tail light on Oct. 24. He pulled the vehicle over at 5:55 a.m. and the vehicle had five people inside it.

The driver claims the five were heading to a friend’s house. Officers started checking the identity of the five people and discovered one was on probation. Coty W. Williamson, 24, of 210 Pierce Road, Trion,  was on probation and officers found drugs on him during a search.

“Mr. Williamson stated he was on probation and I asked him what was he on probation for. Mr. Williamson stated something that happened a long time ago,” Officer Wilson stated. “When Mr. Williamson was emptying his pockets an orange pipe fell onto the asphalt. Mr. Williamson also dropped a small corner baggie containing a white crystalline substance.”

Williamson was arrested for possession of meth and possession of drug-related objects.8