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Caldwell Claimed Meth Helped His Leg Pain

A local man said the reason he had methamphetamine was that it helped with his leg pain, according to Summerville Police reports.

Ray Caldwell Jr., 30, of 150 Lee Street, Summerville, was arrested for possession of meth. Officers went to Caldwell’s residence because of an active warrant.

“While Mr. Caldwell was walking toward me, he continuously placed his hands in his pockets. I advised Mr. Caldwell to remove his hands so I could place handcuffs on him. Ray removed his left hand from his pockets but refused to remove his right. While attempting to handcuff Mr. Caldwell behind the back, he jammed his right hand into his pocket once more and myself and Deputy Nicole Sprague grabbed his right arm in order to place him under arrest. While being handcuffed, Ms. Caldwell began grabbing items out of his front right pocket and placing them in her purse. Both officers noticed a small plaid keychain type pill holder transfer from Mr. Caldwell’s pocket to the purse. I advised Ms. Caldwell to stop and get away from Mr. Caldwell. When asked why she decided to empty his pockets, she stated that she did not want him to catch another charge,” Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

Officers got the plaid pill holder and found meth inside of it.

“Mr. Caldwell stated that it was his and that he had been using methamphetamine to stop his leg pain,” according to reports.

Mr. Caldwell was arrested for possession of meth.