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Woman Scammed Over The Telephone

Linda Lou Cash said she got scammed into giving her social security number to an unknown man named Robert over the telephone. She called the bank and warned them after she had done it.

” Mrs. Cash stated that the Robert subject gave her a long sells pitch about how Mrs. Cash has 20 bank accounts and Robert told Mrs. Cash that she was selling drugs and he threaten to call the FBI if she did not give him her social, so Mrs. Cash gave Robert her social security number,” Deputy Daniel Sanford reported.  “Mrs. Cash then realized what she done and hung up the phone. Mrs. Cash then went to her bank, BB&T, and told them what she done. Mrs. Cash was scared that Robert would take money out of her bank. Mrs. Cash stated that she wanted a report done for future reference. I told Mrs. Cash that if she noticed any money missing to go by her bank and get statements printed out and highlight the charges that she did not do and bring them by the sheriffs office.”