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DA Seizing Property Of Lyerly Man

The Lookout Mountain Drug Task Force and the district attorney’s office are seizing a man’s property and cash, according to Superior Court records.
Charles Lang, of 38 Taliaferro Springs Road, in Lyerly, was arrested on numerous drug charges on Oct. 5 after his home was raided by drug agents.
“The search of the premises resulted in the seizure of marijuana, in excess of four ounces which was discovered inside a tackle box located underneath the coffee table in the living room area inside the residence,” according to the district attorney’s office.
Authorities are trying to take Lang’s .62 acres with an 854 square-foot home. They also want $2,986 in cash found during the raid.


  1. Erik mann on November 17, 2018 at 7:56 am

    The LMJC should be ashamed of themselves. Seizing a man’s home and money for possessing something that is becoming legal everywhere else, and has been recognized as being less harmful than alcohol. All this is due to the out of control police state we live in. I have no respect for any law enforcement agency anymore. Any nobility in the career of law enforcement fell to the wayside with the creation of asset forfeiture. Everyone from the cop who made the arrest to the judge that tried the case and the DA who prosecuted this man should be fired, ran out of town and made accountable for their role in the useless , flawed , and failed strategy of the WAR ON DRUGS. Resist the police at every opportunity peacefully and with the protection and guarantee of your civil rights, and the bill of rights. Cops are nothing but poorly educated, corrupt thugs suffering from delusions that they are heroes when all they are is public servants who have forgotten who provides them with a paycheck, as well as who they serve , and the oath they swore to uphold

    • Adam McNabb on December 14, 2018 at 8:31 am

      This man you have so intimately defended as a victim of the police. Is the same man who not even a month later (murders) takes the lives of two TRULY innocent wonderful people.
      You go ahead with all your ignorant jibber jabber of (resist the police) its because of idiots as yourself. That innocent people have to suffer the consequences of criminals choices.
      Let me also say, you go ahead and exercise your “civil rights” and “bill of rights” ( what ever the hell you mean) I will take a wild guess and say I believe you mean “Constitutional Rights”. As you do so, always remember NO rights ever trumps an individuals GOD given right of life.

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