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Woman Punched In The Nose During Domestic Squabble

A Summerville woman was punched in the nose and it started bleeding during a domestic altercation last Thursday, according to police reports.
Bridgette Barnes, of Allen Street, called for police after she was allegedly attacked at her house by 39-year-old Randy Green.
“Bridgette states that she arrived home at around midnight to find Randy Green waiting on her at her apartment. Bridgettte stated that she did not want Randy there and asked him several times to leave but that he refused,” she said. “Bridgette states that around 4 a.m. tat Randy began work on her sink that sometimes falls off of the wall and she again insisted that he leave and he refused.”

As Barnes escalated her tone for him to leave, Green got mad and tossed her sink into the yard. He then punched Barnes in the nose. He left before cops arrived and went to a residence on McGinnis Circle, according to a police report.

“Randy states that he and Bridgette got into an argument and that he had to get her off of him. I asked Randy did he have any injuries and he stated no. Randy stated that he was working on her sink and that she pushed him out the door and he had no choice but to throw the sink. When asked why he had fled the scene, Randy stated that he didn’t want to go to jail,” Officer Phillip Cox stated.

Green was arrested for simple battery and criminal trespassing.

Barnes took pictures of her bloody nose and showed them to officers.



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