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Car Crash Results In Drug Arrest At House

Monday the city of Summerville Police Department was dispatched to a vehicle crash at the intersection of Northwest Congress Street and First Street.

As officers investigated the crash, they learned that a man fled from one of the vehicles. Another passenger knew the fleeing man and pointed cops toward a house on Lewis Street.

Officers knocked on the Lewis Street residence door and talked with Deidra Adams. Officers heard the voices of two males in the house. She said it was coming from the television.

“Upon initial entry of the living room, I observed a clear baggie with a green leafy substance of suspected marijuana inside. This was in plain sight in the living room floor,” Officer Phillip Cox stated. “A marijuana roach was found in the bedroom. Deidre stated that she did not know that the marijuana was there because if she did she would have smoked it and also would not have let us in. Deidre was issued a citation for possession of marijuana less than an ounce.”

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