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Stepson arrested after confrontation with stepdad

A stepson was cited after threatening to harm his stepfather on Wednesday afternoon, according to Summerville Police reports.
Robert Blair, of Cleghorn Street, called police after his 19-year-old stepson, Jordan Lindley, threatened him.
“Mr. Blair stated that he wants Jordan removed from the residence,” Officer Gary Pruitt stated.
The officer entered Blair’s residence to talk with the stepson.
“I ain’t gonna talk to nobody bruh!” the stepson allegedly told the officer.

The confrontation between the stepson and stepfather continued to escalate in front of officers. Lindley was told to stop antagonizing the stepfather.
“Jordan then got extremely close to this officer’s face while screaming, ‘I’m grabbing my ****,’ in an aggressive manner toward me. I then advised Jordan to stop raising his voice to me and let me talk,” Officer Pruitt stated.
The officer then handcuffed and jailed Lindley for disorderly conduct, according to an incident report.

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