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Man Tries Fleeing Through Nursing Home

A 23-year-old Trion man fled through the local nursing home after cops tried questioning him about an altercation on Thursday, according to Summerville Police reports.

Dylan A. Smith allegedly grabbed his girlfriend, Cheyenne Hines, and would not let her leave his home on Roseway Circle.

She was able to call three friends, who arrived and witnessed Smith trying to keep his girlfriend at his residence. She was finally able to get away. Hines and her friends went to her workplace, Oak View Nursing Home in Summerville, to call cops and meet her parents.

As police talked with the group, Hines’ dad informed Officer Gary Pruitt that Smith was sitting at a picnic table at the rear of the nursing home.

As cops walked through the nursing home, a nurse said they saw Smith running through a hallway at a fast pace.

Officer Labron Jackson spotted Smith running out the front door of the nursing home and toward a convenience store that is across the street. He was able to catch and detain Smith at gunpoint.

Smith was arrested for simple battery, criminal trespassing, obstruction of an officer and loitering, according to police reports.


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