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Straw Poll Results: Majority Wants Property Tax Deadline To Remain The Same

A straw poll conducted by the Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton shows that a majority want to keep the property tax deadline the same.

Here is a release by Commissioner Hampton:

“A few months ago my office started a ‘taxpayer poll’ in order to find out if taxpayers would prefer that their tax bills be due on November 15 or December 1. In recent years, the due date for real and personal property tax has been either December 1 or December 20. This year, thanks to the tremendous work done by the assessors’ office in getting numbers to our office so quickly, we were able to complete the digest process and send bills out earlier. We received lots of feedback from citizens in September and October that they appreciated the early notice and many opted to send in their payments at that time. Since then, 298 votes were submitted. Here are the results:

November 15th – 129
December 1st – 148
Other votes sent in were:
Never- 5
January – 1
February- 2
February or March- 1
March- 5
March or April- 2
April- 1
June- 2
December 15th- 1
December 20th- 1
I appreciate the feedback that was given!”

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