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Starling Mill Road House Burglarized

The amount of valuables taken from a Starling Mill Road residence is unknown at this time, according to Chattooga County Sheriff’s reports

Patty Keith and her husband came to check on her mother’s residence at 966 Starling Mill Road last week and discovered it had been burglarized.

“Ms. Keith advised that her and her husband had walked into the residence and seen that several things were missing and that the back door had been broken into. Ms. Keith advised that there were so many different things taken from the residence that she didn’t know what all was missing. She advised that her parents had pretty much all the rooms in the house full of miscellaneous items that were gone. Most of the things that were taken were antiques,” Deputy Marvin Armstrong reported. “Upon looking around the residence, I asked if they had checked the outbuildings where they advised no. Upon looking at the building, someone had broken a large window and had taken several things out of it as well. Ms. Keith advised that she would get with her mother and if she wanted to come back down to the residence to see what all was missing.”

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