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“Come Get Me Please. Hurry”

A 10-year-old child used a cellphone to text her stepmother for help on Wednesday night, according to Summerville Police reports.

“Come get me, please hurry,” the text allegedly stated.

The stepmother, Brittany Nicholson, immediately called the police and showed them the frantic messages.

“Speed here as fast as you can. Are you almost here?” the 10-year-old wrote.

Cops went to 72 Elm Street to check on the child’s wellbeing, who was staying with her biological mother –32-year-old Carrie Nicholson. Cops knocked on the door and the child left the residence crying. The cops looked inside the house and spotted Carrie “staggering” into the living room.

Officer Gary Pruitt asked Carrie what happened. However, she lost her balance and fell against a couch.  They continued to ask what happened.

“Carrie appeared to be extremely confused and unable to understand basic questions. [I] detected the strong odor of alcoholic beverage to be emitting from Carrie’s person,” Officer Pruitt stated.

The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services was called to investigate and establish a safety plan, according to an incident report.

“Carrie Nicholson has been charged with reckless conduct due to the fact that she was putting the children’s safety at a substantial risk while being so heavily intoxicated around the children,” Officer Pruitt stated.




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