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Intruder Runs From Summerville Apartment

An intruder tried breaking into an apartment at 74 College Street around 2:10 a.m. on Friday, according to Summerville Police reports.

The apartment was occupied by Jacob McDonald and Dakota Marquis, who were in a bedroom at the time. Suddenly they heard the front door of their apartment swing open and hit the wall, Officer Jo Stricklin stated.

“Mr. McDonald stated that he grabbed a baseball bat from the room and began checking the residence. He stated that when he went outside he saw a ‘stocky built’ man running from the residence toward Burger Shack. Mr. McDonald stated that he screamed at the individual but he did not stop,” Officer Stricklin reported.

Initially, McDonald checked with his friends to make sure they were not playing a prank on him. After realizing it wasn’t a prank, he called cops.

“Mr. McDonald stated that he had multiple enemies and it could be a number of people who would wish him harm,” Officer Stricklin reported. “Mr. McDonald stated that his truck had also been damaged a few times since it has been down with repairs. Upon inspection of the vehicle, several scratches were present on the driver front door. Mr. McDonald stated the damage looked as if they were done with sandpaper.”


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