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Woman Claims To Have Consumed 14 Bottles Of Tequlia, Then Did The ‘Hokey Pokey’

Lying on her back, doing aerobic exercises, and asking to do the “hokey pokey,” an Alabama woman appeared to be very intoxicated during a DUI traffic stop Monday, according to Summerville Police reports.

Motorists started complaining that a white SUV was driving erratically. Officer Phillip Cox stopped it and found it to be driven by 63-year-old Deborah Combs, of Alabama.

“She tried to sit down on the curb and fell onto her back while elevating her legs into the air making an aerobic type movement several times as she sat back up laughing. I asked her, ‘Are you OK down there?’ She stated, ‘No. I’m not alright. I’m so tired of all this,” Officer Matt Pritchard stated. “She asked me if she could do the hokey pokey. She then started to do some type of dance that could be related to the child’s dance hokey pokey.”

She told officers that she consumed “14 bottles of tequila” before driving. She was then arrested for DUI. While reading her right, Combs said she did not understand them.

“She stated that she did not understand and that we could read it 29 more times and she would still not understand,” Officer Pritchard stated.

Officers continued to search Combs vehicle and count the cash she had in her cell phone case, which they had to inventory.

“All that money is from a drug deal,” she allegedly told cops. Later she denied it and claimed she was joking.

She told officers that she drank alcohol to calm her nerves so that she could drive.

Combs was arrested for DUI, failure to maintain a single lane and failure to use a turn signal, according to jail reports.

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