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Another Pit Bull Encounter Reported In Summerville

A red colored pit bulldog caused some concerns on Hinton Street on Wednesday afternoon, according to Summerville Police reports.

Levi Johnson and his wife were hired to paint a residence on Hinton Street. While they were working, the pit bull wandered up and started growling at the wife, who was painting on the front porch, Officer Lt. Tim Fulmer stated. The officer went to a neighbor’s house where the dog belonged.

“The female who I spoke with at 240 Hinton Street advised that she would contact her fiance who is the dog’s owner and that she would have him to return home and put the dog back inside their residence, advising that he was the only person that the dog would come to. The homeowner received a verbal warning for a leash law violation and was also made aware that there would be charges made following any further violations,” Lt. Fulmer stated.


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